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Main Missions

Missions by Ken Rosenberg

Missions by Colonel Juan Cortez

Missions by Avery Carrington

Missions by Ricardo Diaz
The Chase

Missions by Kent Paul

Missions by Tommy Vercetti

Extra Missions
Missions by Umberto Robina

Missions by Love Fist

Missions by Big Mitch Baker

Missions by Auntie Poulet

Missions by Phil Cassidy

Payphone Missions

Asset Missions
The Malibu Club Asset Missions

GTA Vice City

Print Works Asset Missions

Film Studio Asset Missions
Recruitment Drive

Kaufman Cabs Asset Missions

Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory Asset Missions

Boatyard Asset Missions

Sunshine Autos Assets Missions

Pole Position Strip Club Asset Missions

Hidden Missions

Other Missions

GTA Vice City Completed